Accreditation execution

Assessment execution

Type of Assessment

Regular assessment Select the subject of the assessment and notify the head of the facility of the assessment schedule 3 months before the date on which the assessment begins.

  • A department of psychiatry and psychiatry clinic : 3-year cycle
    (2nd round assessment : Jan, 2015 to Dec, 2017)
  • Mental hospital accreditation : 4-year cycle
    (1st round accreditation : Jan. 2013 to Dec. 2016)

Spot assessmentConducted when there is a need to conduct a check or examination on the conditions of the mental health facility having received a relatively substandard assessment result.
(The spot assessment can be conducted without notifying the head of the mental health facility)

Assessment method and content

Assessment Method Execution of On-site survey

Content of Assessment(Article 11 (5), Enforcement Regulation of the Mental Health Act)

  1. The level of fulfillment of the facility and human resource standards
  2. Protection and promotion of the patients’ rights and interests
  3. Care and operation performance of the mental health facility
  4. Other matters that the Minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare deem necessary