Mental Institutions Assessment

Overview of the Mental Health Facility Assessment
  • 3-year cycle assessment of mental institutions, community psychiatric rehabilitation centers, and mental health sanatoriums, pursuant to Article 18-3 (Appraisal of Mental Health Facilities) of the Mental Health Act
  • Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation shall be responsible for assessing mental institutions.
Background and Purpose of the Mental Institutions Assessment
  • Since mental illnesses require a longer period of treatment compared to acute diseases, there is a need to establish a management system that could ensure patient safety and medical service quality at mental institutions.
  • To lay the foundation for the motivation towards quality management and improvement of mental institutions through their assessments
  • To establish a quality management system through which quality medical services are provided to those who are mentally ill
  • To find opportunities to expand positive awareness on mental institutions
Definitions and types of mental institutions

Definitions of mental institutions

Mental Hospitals

Hospitals whose facilities are installed in conformity with the facility standards, etc. as provided for in Article 12 (1) in order to mainly treat those who are mentally ill from among medical institutions under the Medical Service Act.

(Article 3 (3), Mental Health Act)

Department of Psychiatry

A department of psychiatry established in a hospital or medical institution of a higher level

Psychiatry clinic

A medical clinic having 50 beds or less for the department of psychiatry

Application of the Mental Institutions Assessment (Article 18-3, Mental Health Act)

A department of psychiatry and psychiatry clinic : Mental Institutions Assessment

The clinics having a psychiatry department and patient beds (open-type beds included) are subject to the assessment; clinics only with outpatient operations are excluded from the assessment

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Mental Hospitals The mental institutions assessment can be substituted with the application for the healthcare institution accreditation in accordance with Article 58 (4), Medical Service Act.

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