What is the Accreditation Program for Healthcare Organizations?

The Accreditation Program for Healthcare Organizations is a scheme designed to induce medical institutions to continuously and voluntarily make endeavors to enhance patient safety and the level of healthcare quality, thereby providing quality medical services to the public.

Unlike the relative evaluation system granting rankings, the KOIHA Accreditation Program is an absolute evaluation system to determine whether a medical institution meets the accreditation standard. Institutions proven to meet the accreditation standards are given the Accreditation mark, which is valid for 4 years

To ensure a trusted and internationally-recognized accreditation system for healthcare institutions, the KOIHA Accreditation Program is designed with the intended following purposes:

  • To establish accreditation standards on par with international-level accreditation standards (ISQua), including standards for patient safety.
  • To secure reliability in survey methods by employing a follow-up survey
  • To strengthen expertise and objectivity of the surveyors
  • To enhance the utility of the accreditation information by providing customized options for using the results
  • To build a partnership with the institutions by providing consulting services to institutions supporting the quality improvement efforts made by the healthcare institutions
  • To encourage voluntary quality improvement efforts on a continuous basis through the self-assessment of institutions during the effective period of the accreditation

The biggest merit of the Accreditation Program is the innovative system design of the scheme; through the Accreditation Program, the medical culture, which centers on one that is service provider-oriented, has transformed to a consumer-oriented (patients and their families) culture of healthcare system. As an increasing number of consumers are now focusing on medical services, securing quality healthcare and providing quality services to consumers has become more important than ever. The Accreditation Program for Healthcare Organizations, which requires medical institutions to follow the defined procedures for provision of medical services, lays the foundation for a culture of consumer-oriented medical services.


All forms of medical and healthcare institutions are subject to the Accreditation Program for Healthcare Organizations. Medical institutions categorized as a hospital or higher can apply for the accreditation voluntarily. Care hospitals and mental institutions, however, have been mandated to apply for the accreditation since 2013 in accordance with the Medical Service Act, considering the characteristics of the medical services being provided and protection of patients’ rights.