Public Relations

Character of KOIHA

We go to hospital when we are sick.
We all take care of our health regardless of the disease,
ranging from the common cold to a serious illness.
Ansimi is for those of you
who are concerned over which hospital to go to.

Basic Type FLY Ansimi
A guardian angel protecting patient safety and public health
Blue color being used represents the fairness and reliability of the healthcare institution accreditation system and safety of the medical services provided at the medical institutions
Gold wings emphasize the will of KOIHA to become a world-class accreditation organization
The shape at the top of the head projecting the wings of birds, a symbol of hope, represents the CI of KOIHA and vision for a patient-oriented medical culture.
The bright smile of Ansimi symbolizes the healthy and happy lives of all Korean people as realized by the accreditation programs.
The ‘Accreditation wand’ having the accreditation mark implies that only safe and trusted healthcare institutions can receive the accreditation.

Ansimi is the guardian giving accreditation mark to trustworthy hospitals so as to secure patient safety.

With the accreditation wand being held in one hand all the time, Ansimi is striving to allow for safe and reliable hospitals. With Ansimi, KOIHA will be your partner for achieving a healthy and happy life.