Mission and Vision

Realizing a new medical culture to enhance patient safety and quality of care
Seeking to become an internationally-renowned professional accreditation body striving for continuous quality improvement
Core value
  • Professionalism Enhancing professionalism in healthcare accreditation and for patient safety
  • FairnessSecuring fairness in execution of the accreditation program
  • AutonomyInducing the medical institutions to self-maintain the quality of care
Strategic goals
  • Facilitating the accreditation system
  • Establishing a trustworthy accreditation system
  • Leading the 'Patient Safety First' culture
  • Strengthening the management system for sustainable development
12 Strategic Tasks
  • Encourage the participation of the medical institutions in the accreditation system
  • Acquire and maintain ISQua accreditation
  • Supplement the accreditation standard on a continuous basis
  • Strengthen the capability of the organization
  • Strengthen the education & training for the institutions
  • Upgrade the capacity of the surveyors
  • Promote the R&D projects
  • Realize high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Provide customized consulting services
  • Establish an effective surveyor management system
  • Lay the foundation for a patient safety system
  • Manage the information system in a systematic manner