Welcome to the official website of KOIHA.

Welcome to the official website of KOIHA.

The medical institution assessment system, which was a government-led compulsory assessment, had converted to the ‘Accreditation programs’ based on the voluntary participation of the healthcare institution in 2010, amidst the increasing interests among the public towards patient safety and quality improvement in the medical institution. After 4 years since the implementation, the 2nd round accreditation is enforced.

KOIHA has made continuous efforts in helping healthcare institutions to provide quality medical services to the patients and voluntarily build patient safety protection systems. It has also strived to expand the trustworthy medical institutions through the accreditation programs.

Also, KOIHA continues to consult with the government to find ways to provide financial and political support to the medical institutions so that they can maintain the proper level of patient safety and care quality after being accredited.

The importance of the accreditation is greater than ever as there are active reviews going on as to the establishment of a new incentive system and quality improvement allotment, and the Patient Safety Act containing the matters regarding the patient safety system and safety accident recurrence prevention measures was passed by the National Assembly.

Against this backdrop, KOIHA will do its utmost to make the Accreditation program become an internationally competitive accreditation system boasting objectivity and fairness as well as to build capacity for all of its members pursuant to the ‘Accreditation’ planting a firm root in the healthcare and medical system in Korea. KOIHA will also seamlessly conduct work associated with the mandatory accreditation for care and mental hospitals as well as with other assessment integration.

Going forward, it will spare no efforts in heeding various opinions from the government, medical community, patients, and other civil groups in order to further improve the accreditation system through active exchange and cooperation with relevant academic society and organizations in the fields of medical service quality and patient safety.

Accreditation is no longer just confined to some medical institutions; it is an essential element for all. KOIHA needs your interests and encouragement in enabling more medical institutions to voluntarily protect the safety of their patients and consistently improve the quality of care.

Thank you